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Success Story Continues! — September 3, 2015

Success Story Continues!

Cycle-It social enterprise initiative continues to build on the success stories since inception.

Cycle-It looks forward to your donations of unwanted bikes including businesses, schools and organisations.


We are generating jobs in Ireland whilst at the same time promoting cycling, healthy living, reducing carbon foot-print and giving communities the opportunities for better lives.

Cycle-It Collection Team Next Stop is Clontarf Areas of Dublin! —

Cycle-It Collection Team Next Stop is Clontarf Areas of Dublin!

The next collection of “unwanted bicycles” will take place on Tuesday 8th September 2015.

The Cycle-It Bicycle Recycle collection team will be visiting Seapark Rd, Seafield Rd, Conquerhill Rd, Mount Prospect Ave, St Gabrielle Rd, Dollymount Ave etc.

Please kindly “Donate your old & unwanted bikes” to a great cause, and give them a new life!

Thank You!IMG_3445

Bike collection in Dublin 5 — June 13, 2014

Bike collection in Dublin 5

Our outreach team is currently working in Dublin 5 area: dropping flyer and collection your donations. Look out for a well visible yellow van going around on your streets. Our sympathetic team provide information on Cycle-It project and also available to help to lift up bike grounded in your back garden. Feel free to approach.

Big thanks to Dublin 13 donors.  



Cycle-It collection dates and locations — April 15, 2014
Cycle It collection date and locations. — April 8, 2014

Cycle It collection date and locations.

Tuesday 8th of April collection in Dunboyne.

The areas that Cycle It will visit are: Plukett Hall, Luttrel Hall, Sadlier Hall, Dunboyne Castle, Woodview, Elton Drive, Elton Court, Elton Grove, The Elms, Maple Drive and Rosedale.

Donate your old, unwanted bikes to a great cause. They can transform a communities life in Africa and give it a new life.


Cycle It promo video — March 27, 2014
Take a look at more Cycle-It 2014 work. — March 25, 2014
Cycle-It workplace pictures — March 24, 2014
Cycle-It project in 2014 — March 21, 2014

Cycle-It project in 2014

Cycle-It is up and running and what a great reaction we have had in 2014. Many people have donated their old wanted bicycles for a great cause. We want to say thank you and keep up the great work with your donations. Keep an eye out for our yellow van. Feel free to contact Cycle-It through our email, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Campaign continues as we head towards 2014 — December 18, 2013

Campaign continues as we head towards 2014

After some great feed back in Dublin 12 and 14, the Cycle-It campaign is now moving into Dublin 6 and 8. We will be in the location tomorrow if you need any information feel free to speak to any of our representatives.
You can also ring Cycle-It on 087 3780024 or contact us via email, 
Keep an eye out for the Cycle-It mobile which will begin collections early in the new year.