1. In Ireland.
  • Homework Clubs: Funds from Cycle-It supports NCPs homework club, service that assists children on a one-on-one basis who find homework through English language particularly challenging.

  • Youth Vocational Training Centre: In partnership with Community Employment to train young people in bike repair and maintenance.

  • Students Bike Rentals: Highly subsidised for college students in Ireland.

  • “Learn to Ride-Earn a Bike” Programme: A child is a child irrespective of its family’s income or status. This programme is for young children, age 3-12, in selected direct provision centres. They learn to ride, then earn a bike, when they get too old for the bike, they donate it back to Cycle-It.


 2. In Beneficiary Community.
  • The bikes on arrival in BC they are sold to community members at an ‘approved and affordable’ price. The bikes are used to empower beneficiaries through affordable and sustainable means of transportation by children to school and general transport in rural areas.
  • It provides access to good quality bikes and bike parts for the local community and training for young people through local bike mechanic youth programme which provides knowledge to maintain the bikes and helps keep people riding their bikes longer.
Through these goals, Cycle-It generates jobs in Ireland, promotes cycling and healthy living, reduces carbon foot-print and gives rural communities opportunities for better living.

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