Who We Are:

Cycle-It is a social enterprise initiative committed to supporting local communities through making bicycles available and affordable. Cycle-It understands that bicycles can contribute to easy transportation, safer environment and improve the quality of life for many people. Cycle-It is a collaboration with New Communities Partnership, a registered charity in Ireland, working hard to achieve self sustainability!

What We Aim to Do:

We aim using a ‘triple win approach’ to improve the lives of people in Ireland and beyond.

  1. Generating employment opportunities in Ireland,
  2. Contributing to the economic and leisure engagement of local people,
  3. Reducing carbon footprint on the planet.

Transportation is extremely important and is a factor in development. Therefore ensuring that the planet is safe, people get healthy and goods and services get to the much-needed areas with minimal effort is our principal goal.

Our secondary goal is creating an avenue for job creation by offering vocational training in bike repair to young people in Ireland and our beneficiary community.

Cycle-It receives donations of unwanted bikes from people, businesses, schools and organisations and refurbishes them. We are generating jobs in Ireland whilst at the same time promoting cycling, healthy living, reducing carbon foot-print and giving communities the opportunities for better lives.

How We Do It:

1] We receive donations of unwanted bicycles from individuals, businesses, schools and organisations and refurbish them; thereby giving them a “second life” and making Ireland a better, greener and cleaner place for people to live.

2] We sell off some of the refurbished bicycles in Ireland to support us afford the cost of sustaining the social enterprise and shipping some of the bicycles to Africa. Please visit our Recycling Workshop at:

8 Berkeley Street, Dublin 7

3] we engage bike mechanics, thereby generating jobs in Ireland whilst at the same time revitalising the economies of our destination African countries.

4] We believe it is a ‘Triple Win situation” in which Ireland, Developing Countries and Individuals all benefit.